BEST BUFFET in Las Vegas 2020 (& Most Expensive)!!! Caesars BACCHANAL BUFFET VIP | All You Can Eat

Continuing our Las Vegas Buffet Adventure and Review …. You can’t come to Las Vegas without eating at the BEST Buffet in Las Vegas in 2020. Caesars Bacchanal Buffet is what many have called THE BEST All You Can Eat Buffet in Vegas. It’s also the Most Expensive Buffet in Las Vegas in 2020, especially when you go VIP.

Now while it is the most expensive,…. we’ll see if it’s “the best”.
We’re doing things a little different.We’re going with The Bacchanal’s BEST package. The VIP package and we’re going to approach this like a 7 course meal. That lucky number seven. Mikey Chen of Strictly Dumpling would approve. We want to give you the full experience of what this world famous buffet is all about in our Las Vegas Guide 2020. All you can eat and All You Can Vegas special thanks as well.

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By : admin | Date: April 16, 2020