Las Vegas | A walking tour of the Las Vegas Strip from Fashion Show Mall to Mandalay Bay! Best walk!

What’s up everyone? Today we are going to do something we haven’t done in a while … a walking tour of the Las Vegas Strip from the Fashion Show Mall to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino! It’s a beautiful day and we walk past all of the attractions including shops, restaurants and of course the hotels and casinos! If you’ve never been to Las Vegas and are planning a trip, this video will help you get antiquated to what is where! If you’re a Las Vegas regular, well this will make you feel like you’re there and bring back Las Vegas Strip memories! I will list Nu Yawk channel links below to most of the places we pass. If you enjoy the video, please like, comment, ask questions and most importantly subscribe!

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By : admin | Date: December 13, 2020