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Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas $35,000 PER NIGHT, Top Ten Lists

Kanye West once performed in this $35,000 per night, Las Vegas Penthouse suite, dubbed the Sky Villa. It is situated in the Palms Casino Resort. It is the 10th most expensive luxury hotel in the world

We begin our count-down of the top 10 most expensive luxury hotels in the world, with the Palms Casino Resort, located strategically near the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.

Coming in at the 10th spot, expect to pay $35,000 for a one night stay at the Palm’s Sky Villa penthouse suite!

It is no secret that superstar celebrities and international playboys pick the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa rooftop suite, as their preferred choice of accommodation during their stay in Sin City.

The retro-futuristic themed Sky Villa suite occupies 2 floors and covers 9,000 square-feet.

It has a private glass elevator, media room, massage and fitness rooms, sauna, rotating bed and a glass-encased pool that has seen its fair share of the most debauched bachelor, and bachelorette parties.

The swanky suite can accommodate 250 people for a party and comes with a personal 24 hour butler service.

The fantasy fulfilling Palms Casino Resort provides one of the best quality services in Las Vegas.

By : admin | Date: February 7, 2020