Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Room Review First Impressions | The SCARY Thing That HAPPENED at Night

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas room review first impression of Virgin Las Vegas Canyon Deluxe Grand Chamber King Suite. No lights or door handles and a “surprise” at night.

0:00 Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Canyon Room Review First Impressions, what Virgin Las Vegas rooms are like
0:21 Maintenance issues on the grand opening
0:56 Virgin’s BBE, Best Beds Ever, are hard and not comfortable
1:16 The three best things about Virgin Hotels Las Vegas
1:24 Virgin Las Vegas has a variety of restaurants
1:31 Things you won’t like about the rooms at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas
2:42 Should you stay at Virgin Las Vegas
3:08 Virgin Las Vegas rooms aren’t finished
4:20 Rooms at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas have electrical problems
5:16 Sneak peek of Virgin Las Vegas Canyon Deluxe Grand Chamber King Suite room tour


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By : admin | Date: April 12, 2021